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Company: SHANDONG HONGTAI Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.

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Super Blast Chiller & Freezer



Ext. Dimension WxDxH(mm):800×815×945

Capacity (L):139
Cooling Capabilicy(+70/3℃ in 90min  +70/-18℃ in 240min):12KG/8KG


Power Supply:230V/50Hz


◆ Complete structure interior & exterior in stainless steel AISI 304 with round internal edges for easy cleaning
◆ Choice of models from 3 set GN1/1(400×600)trays to 14 set GN1/1(400×600)
◆ Self closing doors with easy to clean and replace magnetic balloon gasket.
◆ Special probe feels the temperature in the heart of the product.
◆ 75mmthickness insulation for exculent thermal efficiency.
◆ Electric door mullion heater replaceable.
◆ Ventilated refrigeration compartment .
◆ Danfoss refrigeration components.
◆ Aspera or Danfoss compressor.
◆ CFC refrigerant and foam
◆ EBM fan
◆ Customer friendly touch screen controller easy for reading and operating 

Easy To Use

Blast Chillers    +70°C to +3°C
The Blast Chilling cycle, the product temperature drops from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes.The transition betwen +65°C and +10°C (ideal climate forthe proliferation of bacterial), so fast as to prevent any generation.
The Foodstuff can be kept for 8 days in normally chiller.

Shock Freezers    +70°C to -18°C
The maximum storage is achieved through the rapid production of cold to allow the production of microcrystals that optimally preserve the cells of the foodstuf.The Shock Freezing drops the temperature from +70°C to -18°C in a maximum time of 240 minutes.
The food is quickly frozen and then be kept for months in normally freezer.